HEAR: Macy Gray – “Stoned”

macy gray

Macy Gray


The Way

Macy Gray is back, thank God.  This song is wonderful.  It starts out slow, and Gray’s voice is shaky at first, but as the song grows, her voice gets stronger and stronger.  When she sings, “I stayed up all night to look at you”, you wish it were you she was looking at.  And when she says “when you fly by, pick me up, I get the giggles”, you believe her.  Gray has one of the greatest voices ever; a mix of Billie Holiday and Kim Carnes and Bette Davis.  She is the true queen.  And “Stoned” is such a great introduction to her new CD.  This writer has fallen in love again.  It’s such a great pleasure to listen to her again.  The strings over that rhythm with her voice in between, it’s near perfection.  If the rest of the CD is as good as “Stoned”, the best CD of the year is right her.


Macy Gray

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  1. You have me intrigued…. “Best album predictions” are quite serious. She’s going to be at Hartwood Acres for free in August!!! Just FYI! Thanks for sharing :)

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