Mass Media Held Up To The Mirror: Krysle Lip – “Electric Mirror”

krysle lip

Krysle Lip

“Electric Mirror”

Intravenous Therapy

Welcome to the dark world of Krylse Lip, as he sings about the images that bombard everyday, where the media tries to show us what we SHOULD look like.  In his dark, melodic way, Krylse Lip gives us a tour of the world we live in, and what may happen to us spiritually as well as physically and psychically if we follow the examples mass media shoves down our throat every day.  As the artist states”

“this song is an ode to current world of appearances, in which we are bathed since our childhood. Social media has made society and more specifically women feel abnormal, and unattractive due to the standards that media has imposed. “Electric Mirror” is the mirror within the device which invites this obsession for the “selfie” and “instant gratification” generation.”

With his beautiful voice and dark, hypnotic, melancholy background, “Electric Mirror” is a great song that makes one think about the whole problem with imaging that we have throughout our modern world.  Krysle Lip makes beautiful, dark music to think to (think modern day Depeche Mode).  What a great accomplishment.

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  1. What a beautiful song!!’ Bowie and Prince can rest in peace. I hope he gets the attention he deserves

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