Melodic Darkness: Outer Spaces – “I See Her Face”


Outer Spaces

“I See Her Face”

Gazing A Globe

Cara Beth Satalino, the leader of Outer Spaces, has this tremendous voice and this amazing ability to craft a pop song that is memorable and also deeply lyrical.  Coming from Pittstown, NY, a small town, Satalino was taught a few chords by her father and later joined many bands, in which she said she contributed little.  Outer Spaces was Satalino’s chance to write and perform and contribute to music.  That she does in spades:

Outer Spaces is the project of Baltimore, MD-based indie singer/songwriter Cara Beth Satalino and ‘Gazing Globe’ is comprised of songs written during a lonely period of her life, spent in introspective solitude. Most of the songs on the new album are written from the perspective of another version of Satalino herself. “It was a way of encouraging myself. I wrote from the perspective of who I wanted to be, rather than how I felt at the time.”

Outer Spaces has this great REM sound, jangling guitars and perfect, darkish melodies.  This makes a tremendous juxtaposition that I just love.  Seriously, this album has been on my iPod since I heard it.  Check it out.

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