Melodic Post-Hardcore: Stay Inside – “Radio Silence”

Stay Inside

“Radio Silence”

As You Were

What an interesting band.  Stay Inside has a sound that is not good going to leave you very soon.  You’ll find have yourself singing “Radio Silence” and impressing yourself at that.  The melody is not normal (which is good and makes it so memorable).  Based in Brooklyn, Stay Inside is comprised of four transplants: Bartees Cox, Jr. (guitar, vox) of Yukon, OK; Chris Johns (guitar, vox) of Hockessin, DE; Vishnu Anantha (drums) of Wayne, PE; and Bryn Nieboer (bass, vox) of Los Angeles, CA.  Stay Inside seeks to tell stories about fighting back and bringing more people into the fold of their impassioned scene.  This is post punk at its most melodic, most passionate, and most detailed.  I love this band.  They are true originals.  Like Flipper before them, Stay Inside remembers that post punk does not mean throwing away the melody.

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