Melodic Prog: Time King – “Main Street”

Time King

“Main Street”


I LOVE PROG ROCK, especially when down right (style and musicality really matter).  Time King knows how to write and play perfect prog rock.  Founded by members Brandon Dove (guitar) and Shayne Plunkett (vocals/guitar), after meeting at a Berklee College of Music summer program, Time King has been actively carving a place for themselves in the prog rock scene. After months of virtual collaboration between Dove and Plunkett, through Skype, iMessage and any other means, in 2012 the band added vocalist Kalvin Rodriguez, bassist/producer James “Jimmy T” Meslin and drummer Matthew “Goose” Nazario to complete the Time King sound.  So often, prog rockers forget melody and lyrical substance for jarring time signatures and key changes.  Not Time King.  They combine them all.  They are similar to Yes in that attribute.  But do not think they are copies: they are most definitely originals.  Listen to them; enjoy; prog out.

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