Mid-West Heavy Duty Surf Music: Yoko & The Oh-No’s – She Ain’t Mine

yoko and the oh no's

Yoko & The Oh No’s

“She Ain’t Mine”

Yoko & The Oh No’s

Yoko & the Oh No’s are three kids from Chicago – Max Goldstein on vocals, Max Loebman on guitar, and Stef Roti on drums – a raging trio fueled by Taco Bell, rock & roll myths, and pilfered booze. This band more than satisfies all the qualities of a great band; ringing guitar, punk attitude, great vocals, and a strong beat.  They remind me a lot of the Cramps, which is the supreme complement.  A friend of mine from Cleveland once said that punk doesn’t need a bass guitar, because basses are for downers.  Speed freaks need guitars.  In this case, that is a perfect description.  Imagine a surf band in Doc Martins and mascara; you’ve got Yoko & The Oh No’s.  Plus the fact that their songs are short and snotty makes them perfect for surfing on Lake Michigan (lol).  David Johannsen, eat your heart out.  These kids might be yours and Sylvain Sylvain’s children.  As their press release says:

Listen to the crashing classic rock chorus of “Heart Attack,” the sneering “She Knows It,” and the distorted R&B groove of “Nobody Wants to Know.” “Talking over radio/on the moonlit drive/We listen to VU/Jane says close your eyes.”

Oh, and I never commented on their name:  a classic homage to a woman who understands them perfectly.

Tour Dates:

10/16 Brooklyn, NY – Rough Trade (Aquarium Drunkard CMJ Showcase)

Track List:

1. She Knows It
2. She Ain’t Mine
3. Love U
4. Movin’ On
5. Heart Attack
6. Nobody Wants To Know
7. Little Girl
8. Lone Wolf
9. In Pieces
10. Who’d Stop Me

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