Midwest Garage Punk: The Brainstems – “Time To Ride”


The Brainstems

“Time To Ride”

No Place Else

Wow, what a band.  Based in St. Louis, this is one of the greatest bands I’ve heard for a long time.  The Brainstems have that garage punk sound that I love so much.  A cross between Jesus and Mary Chain, the Beachboys, and Johnny Thunders, The Brainstems back a wallop.  The Lo-fi production just helps shape the music.  Sometimes, the production reminds me of Big Black.  Now, don’t get me wrong; there is nothing copycat about them.  The Brainstems are very original.  I wish they would come to Pittsburgh.  This is a band that needs to be listened to in a bar with a shot of whiskey by your side.  Punk on.

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