Midwest Punk: Quick Piss – “Thoroughly Fucked”

quick piss

Quick Piss

“Thoroughly Fucked”

Rock ‘N’ Roll Impotence

True punk rock at last.  Sounding like the Cramps on speed, Quick Piss is a great punk band.  Coming from the heartland of Des Moines, IA (where else, guys?), Quick Piss is comprised of Stone Mills: guitar/vocals ; Dylan Lamb: guitar; Joryn Brown: drums/bass/guitar; Arin Eaton: bass/organ; and Luke Bascom drums.  These guys kicked major ass.  No wonder the area between Pittsburgh and Omaha produces such great punk bands;  there is nothing else to fucking do.  (I know; I’ve been there, done that).  But these guys are the best I’ve heard since Lux Interior died.  Guys, you make first wave punkers like myself proud.  You guys get it.  And all you punks out there, get this.  Dropping in September, Quick Piss’s album is worth it .  GET IT, PUNX.

Rock ‘N’ Roll Impotence – Tracklisting
01. Quick Piss
02. Information Withdrawal
03. A Freudian Slipped
04. 40 HR. Week
05. I.W.B.Y.S.
06. 666 Upside Down Crucifix
07. Southside And Gomorrah
08. Instant Party
09. On The Subject Of European Travel
10. Information Withdrawal Ad Nauseam
11. My Country Home
12. Thoroughly Fucked
13. Q.P.I.G.F.Y.S.

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