HEAR: Harvey Sutherland and Bermuda’s Minimalist Disco!

harvey sutherland, bermuda, disco

Okay maybe the title does not do this music justice but minimalist disco is a thing and it’s quickly becoming very trendy. Harvey Sutherland is a keyboardist and producer from Melbourne, Australia and has released a handful of coveted records for People’s Potential Unlimited, MCDE, and Voyage Recordings. Operating from a red-velour-lined recording bunker, Harvey Sutherland brings studio traditions and session musicians to the foreground. Bermuda is Sutherland’s live band – a futuristic outfit comprising Melbourne musicians Graeme Pogson (drums) and Tamil Rogeon (electric strings). The trio interpret Sutherland’s productions with flair and relentless consistency, bringing a unique energy to the club space.

We only have snippets of some of the tracks here but trust when we say they will leave you wanting MORE!

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