Modern Gender Bender Folk: El Tryptophan – “Guilt Vacation”

el tryptophan2











El Tryptophan

“Guilt Vacation”

Guilt Vacation

I LOVE EL TRYPTOPHAN.  He is one of my heroes.  Gryphon Rue, the innovative voice behind El Tryptophan, comes from a legacy of visual artists and political activists.  I need not point out his ancestry (Alexander Calder), because it is now time to talk about El Tryptophan himself.  A gender-bending folk songwriter is a tough label to live up to, put El Tryptophan does it.  His songs are catchy, wonderful tunes with strange, expressionistic lyrics, and an unusual aural track.  El Tryptophan is a combination of Peter, Paul, and Mary, mixed with the Magnetic Fields and the Mountain Goats topped up with a touch of Grizzly Bear to bring a fresh new meaning and sound to folk.  If you like Neutral Milk Hotel, you will love El Tryptophan.

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