Molly Durnin ‘Run’ Album Review

Run, the debut album from musician, singer & songwriter Molly Durnin invites you on a uniquely wild, yet relaxing ride. With it’s Jewel-esque fusion of folk flavor and pop melodies, Run is an enchanting, high quality piece of work from a talented indie songstress with musical integrity and artistic vision.

Starting with the warm, uplifting opener “Foxes”, we’re treated to a varied and balanced array of material throughout the album. In every memorable song, Molly bears her soul and shines with her vocals which are truly pure and passionate.  “Holy Ground”, ‘Down to the Devil” and “Skippin’ Town” effectively showcase her strong vocals while recalling the blues folk sound of Bonnie Raitt. They are perhaps the albums most accessible songs with there initial audio appeal being impossible to deny. “The Ocean” and “A Wall Apart” are both successfully mellow mid-tempo additions, while “Snowman” quietly stands out the albums most intriguing and beautifully haunting piece. Picking up the pace a bit, the short and sweet “Face It”, with it’s buoyant groove, stands out not only as a lyrical pop cultural examination, but an introspective testament of facing life and following ones dreams; truly inspiring words sung with heartfelt conviction. From there, the final stretch of the album flows like a dream, with the equally inspiring and charming “Extraterrestrial” leading into the lovely lullaby “Rain Falls” and the experimental and ultimately amusing album closer “Cheap Wine.”

From start to finish, Run is full of good vibes and is the perfect soundtrack to an ideal spring afternoon spent in the countryside sun or a sleepy summer evening as the listener winds down. Like a colorful and inspiring sunset looming thick on the horizon, Run leaves a glowing and lasting impression.

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