Moshing For The Summer: The Fem Doms – “Dropped”

the fem doms

The Fem Doms



What a band.  Another new, great, psych rock band that has all the right riffs and this great, danceable sound that is amazingly original while being so familiar.  The Fem Doms are comparise of Chris Carrigan- Guitar, Vocals; Luke Kelly- Guitar, Vocals; Brendan Galvin- Drums;
Mem Pahl- Bass, Vocals; Evan O’Neal- Guitar; and Maya Renfro- Synth, Vocals.  According to their press, “Dropped” details the unfortunate situation of losing friends to drugs, and watching from afar as they descend into their demons. The Fem Doms are gearing up to drop the brand new EP this Summer and another full-length album in the Fall. They are on tour right now, and really are a must band to see.  The guitars and the synth roll around each other in perfect harmony, while the drums and bass propel their songs so much, as someone said, “you want to mosh around the house with your favorite pet for an hour or so”.  I did this, and my pitt, Sir Kraafton, loved the moshing.  This is one of his (and my) new favorite bands.  Moshing for the summer.

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