Moviescapes: The Wintyr – “This Water”


The Wintyr

“This Water”


What a voice.  Evelyn Hart has one of the voices that reaches deep into your soul.  Based in Cape Town/London, THE WINTYR began as the solo project of Evelyn Hart (vocals/synth/piano). Tristan Carmichael (Guitar/Synth/Piano) and Brendyn Rossouw (Percussion/Guitar) jumped onboard to produce a batch of songs that would become their debut full-length. After working together for several months, the three decided the sound would be best portrayed in a full-band dynamic and officially became THE WINTYR in November 2015.  Influenced by movie scores and dream pop artists like Lana del Rey, M83, and Florence & The Machine, Hart’s voice sores over Carmichael’s movie-like synth and Rossouw Japanese-influenced percussion to create a sound unlike any out there.  I truly love this band.  They are about to be the next big thing.

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