Music Combo Made In Heaven: Cyborg Asylum – “My Metallic Dream”

Cyborg Asylum

“My Metallic Dream”

What a tremendous mix of rock and electronic.  Cyborg Asylum is David Varga and John Tumminia, a NYC Producer-Singer duo with roots in the United Kingdom and the United States, an inventive brand of electro post-industrial alt-rock.  Varga has had much musical experience, including his first degree in traditional composition and hi second degree in music technology. He followed this with an MFA in television production which provided him with a wide knowledge of video production and post production. In addition to writing music, Varga is an Emmy Award winning film/video editor. Tumminia began singing four-part harmony at the age of four, when his father, a music teacher and fine arts supervisor, began teaching him.  A few years later, at the age of eight, John began gigging professionally on the weekends (playing drums and singing) and at clubs during the summer with his family band, a popular four-piece group that was well known in the Philadelphia area during that time.  The combination of the two is a dream come true, much like the combo of Bowie and Eno in the 70’s.  Cyborg Asylum is a duo made in heaven.  I love them.

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