Music for Rendezvous: Dustin Ransom – “Dig”

dustin ransom

Dustin Ransom


Thread On Fire

Guys, go to Noisetrade and download this EP so it can be released for everyone.  Dustin Ransom has an amazing voice.  Ransom has made his living as a session and touring multi-instrumentalist for dozens of artists, including Ben Rector, Andrew Belle, Dave Barnes and Jon McLaughlin. With every 200 downloads of Thread On Fire on NoisetradeRansom is releasing an acoustic version of a song on the EP — when he hits 2500 downloads, he’s going to play his first live show!

Ransom has one of the most unique voices I’ve ever heard.  He reminds of George Michael at his sexiest (think “Sex” or “Father Figure”), with a voice that just soars.  You want to really set the mood for your next rendezvous, play Ransom’s music.  WOW!  Very sexy.

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