Music For The Soundtrack Of Your Life: Senator – “April Moon”


“April Moon”

Tiny Monsters

Senator is the brainchild of Howard Baker, born in PA, raised in TX and MI in an atmosphere of music.  Senator’s music is very atmospheric, but it’s more than that.  Think of the soundtrack for the love scene in your favorite horror film; Senator would be in the background instead of “Moonlight Sonata”.  Senator’s sound draws from impressive but almost contradictory influences that range from his love of grunge (he credits Kurt Cobain and Beck as his biggest influences), to his childhood obsession with musicals and his appreciation for classical music. These diverse influences do definitely apply to Senator’s music.  “April Moon” starts silently, as if you are picking up transmissions from beyond the this realm, then breaks into full song.  It reminds me Bolero by Ravel, the way the song builds.  I truly love Senator.

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