Music From The Heart: nilu – “A Thousand Tangled Lies”



“A Thousand Tangled Lies”

While growing up in Dubai and California, nilu was surrounded by Persian classical music in the home and during frequent trips to Iran. Music and poetry nights at friends’ houses were a constant source of fun and inspiration, as nilu was enveloped by words of Hafez and notes of the santour, tombak, setar and violin.  nilu’s music is amazing.  “A Thousand Tangled Lies” starts with swirling piano very much like Tori Amos.  With the voice of a early Joni Mitchell, nilu sings remarkably deep songs, drawing on her rich Persian heritage.  Just read the lyrics from her new single:

Countess, can you teach me why we keep giving worry when there’s nothing there

Oh we cut through a string of a thousand tangled lies

We weep for present isn’t ever enough
Captivating future is all that we want

Oh we cut through a string of a thousand tangled lies
I’m captive in my mind seeking salvation to untangle these lies


nilu’s voice alone brings you to another world, like reading a great translation on Omar Khayyam or dreams of the Persian empire.  And she actually self-produced the record, and did the instrumental arrangements, with her band, alongside Randy Jackson.  nilu is a voice to listen to.

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