Music Out Of The Normal: Bobey – “Foothills” (Featuring Emily Ritz)


“Foothills” (Featuring Emily Ritz)


This is some of the most interesting music I’ve heard for a while.  The song sounds like it’s in a straightforward time signature, but don’t try to count it out:  it’s as complex as an ELP or Jethro Tull song.  It takes a genius to write a beautiful, singable song in such odd key signatures (think PJ Harvey).  Bobey crafts his music using pedals and layering to create his multi-piled music masterpieces.

Bobey’s writing revisits the mundane details of nostalgia, and the way that time shifts their context. Moments like taking half a year of karate after your father’s car was broken into, cleaning birch tree pollen off the sunroof of your Nissan Maxima, and your childhood playground burned down in a series of arsons across Sacramento in 2015. Taking influence from artists like Battles and Dosh, he uses live looping to build melodies on top of themselves rather than approaching them linearly.

I love his whole approach to music.  I’ve been listening to his music nonstop, and so will you.

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