Music To Think To: Bat House – “Patterns”


 Bat House


Bat House

What a challenging and beautiful song “Patterns” is.  Through barely over four minutes of music, Bat House changes rhythms in a kaleiscopic way, making beautiful aural pictures for the eye as well as the ear.  This is thinking man’s music, which I really appreciate.  Bat House wants you to think while you listen, get lost in the maze of sounds and melodies, and relax.  “The unbound nature of free form expression cultivated in Boston’s DIY basement community brought Bat House together in early 2014. Comprised of Emmet Hayes (Bass & Vocals), Nicole Pompei (Drums), Alexandra Juleen (Guitar) and  Shane Blank (Guitar), the group’s sound draws inspiration from artists like Palm, Tame Impala, Unknown Mortal Orchestra, Maps & Atlases, Tera Melos and TTNG.”  It is that free form, jazz style music that makes Bat House one of the most exciting bands out there.  They are definitely beyond the pale.

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