música eletrônica: James Jacket – “Entropy”

james jacket3

James Jacket


James Jacket has done it again.  I don’t know what Portugal would be without him and his sister, Suspiria Franklyn.  Jacket has produced some more tremendous electronica for you all.  Jacket has a knack (uncanny in fact) way of finding exactly what I need to hear.  He has combined the strange, electronics of Bjork with the pop sensibilities of Eno and has made the genre all his own.  We need to come up with a new name for Jacket’s electronica, because it really sound like nothing I’ve ever heard.  Maybe I’ll call it música eletrônica.  I know, that’s just Portuguese for electronic music, but the Portuguese have a way of making everything sound exotic.  Thanks, James.  Another great slice of music from a great mind.

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