Nate Mercereau – “Every Moment Is The First And Last” – SUNDAYS


Nate Mercereau – “Every Moment Is The First And Last” – SUNDAYS

What a dreamy, jazzy, beautiful musical tableau Nate Mercereau has produced.  As his bio describes so perfectly:

Listening to Nate Mercereau’s music feels like staring down a kaleidoscope. The songwriter, producer, and multi-instrumentalist surveys the fractured borders between sounds, and celebrates the beautiful moments where they collide.

Sounding like a jazzier version of the Eno/Fripp collaborations, Mercereau has produced a free form album that is perfect to listen to on a late summer night with the sounds of crickets and cicadas in the background.  This is music to free your mind and let it wander.  According to Mercereau:

The track “Every Moment Is The First And Last” is a presence prompt. “This phrase came to me when I was spending time with a friend’s family on the Northern California coast. We were at the end of a trip and I had a clear realization that the next time I saw them, they would be different and so would I. Nothing is ever the same, and in that constant realization I find myself appreciating or at least being aware of where I’m at more and more. Every moment I experience in life is different, even if I am doing the exact same thing every day, Earth is in a different location, constantly in motion.”

This has become one of my favorite albums released this year.  Listen to this and let your mind be free.

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