Natural and Intimate: Shannon Lay – “The Moons Detriment”

Shannon Lay

“The Moons Detriment”

Living Water

Shannon Lay is so intimate.  Honestly, it sounds like you are in a valley, with a waterfall, on a picnic, and Shannon Lay is sitting next to you playing guitar for you while you are lying on your back, watching the clouds.  I love Lay’s voice.  Her voice is so tender, so immediate, so beautiful.  This album hasn’t left my headphones since I received a copy.  I am in love (by the way, Shannon, that picnic invitation is opened anytime).  The whole album has this intimate tone, like she singing just for you.  She reminds me of early Angel Olsen or TORRES, but more positive.  This is definitely in my top 5 of albums this year.  Shannon Lay has so much to give, and she is willing to give it all.  Just open up and listen.

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