New Face Of Rock N Roll: Angelica Garcia – “It Don’t Hinder Me”

Credit: Caitlyn Krone

Angelica Garcia

“It Don’t Hinder Me”

Angelica Garcia comes from San Gabriel Valley, CA, of Salvadorian and Mexican ancestry, now living in Richmond, VA, but never far from her roots.  She makes ass-kicking, take-no-prisoners rock n roll, singing from her heart about the difficulties facing immigrants of color fitting into the American “dream”.  Her music is this great mix of Wall of Sound, southern rock, Cali skater punk, and blues.  This is music that Bonnie Raitt could get behind.  According to her bio:

Garcia explains, “‘It Don’t Hinder Me’ is a song about being proud of where I come from. I went to a magnet school that united different sectors of Los Angeles county, everything from Pasadena to West LA to El Monte & more inland. The school mixed kids from different backgrounds. Back then I often saw myself as not being cool like the kids of screenwriters and stars. This song rebukes the idea that you have to come from glamour or money to be cool. My ‘beautiful’ & ‘cool’ version of LA is the immigrant household of my grandparents.”

Garcia can wail, that is for sure.  She has also decided to do things her own way.  She is not letting others tell her what she can and cannot do.  All I know is that Garcia is an artist that is going to garner attention.  She is quite unlike anyone you’ve ever heard, amalgamating all styles into her own.  This is music that will frickin rock your summer, your fall, your life.  Check her out.  You will not be sorry.

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