New Jersey Britpop: Modern Crowds – “I Don’t Mind”

Modern Crowds

“I Don’t Mind”

Modern Crowds

I love the way the vocals and guitars intertwine in this song; sometimes feeling far away, something right in the middle of your head.  They have this slight Britpop edge to them, but the sound is so psychedelic, maybe what the Stone Roses would have finished sounding like.  The guitar sound so Electric Prunes, then that thundering rift comes through, and you know you’re back in Jersey.  From the outset, Jersey Shore-based band Modern Crowds have crafted a diverse alt-rock sound that’s as huge as their arena dreams. Formed in early 2016 when Joseph Pellegrinelli (lead vox, rhythm guitar) and Charlie Kupilik (drums) started jamming together in early 2016 the lineup would be rounded out by Adam Baczkowski (backing vox, lead guitar) and Doug Gatta (bassist). This diversity of sound just takes me away.  I can’t explain all the surprises you hear from listening to just this one song.  Brian Eno would be pleased to produce this sound.  I love this band so much.  All my favorites styles together in one place.

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