New Jersey Sludge: LKFFCT – “Hatchling”



Dawn Chorus

Another great indie band from New Jersey (it must be Patti Smith coming from there that does it), LKFFCT comes roaring at you like a mad dog, especially the wild guitar solo at the end of “Hatchling”.  These guys mean business.  Comprised of Max Rauch (vox/guitar), Keith Williams (vox/guitar), Brian Legentil (bass) and Ryan Baredes (drums), the band blends elements of power-pop, slacker-rock and all of the best of your golden-era Dinosaur Jr./Pavement-influenced tunes.  This is great music.  All about the things that matter:  love, losing love, and wishing and wondering why America isn’t more progressive than it is.  I love this band.

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