Norman Post Punk: Niko Laetailleurs – “We Hunt The Doe”

Niko Laetailleurs

“We Hunt The Doe”

Give Gently To The Dead

Niko Laetailleurs, the eccentric Frenchman who one of the strangest but most talented post-punk/electronic musicians out there, is out with a new album, Give Gently To The Dead.  It has a lot of jarring but beautiful noises, pianos, percussions, and vocals flowing around each other, giving you this extremely weird yet gloriously otherworldly music.  Uncompromising is a great way to describe Laetailleurs. He certainly isn’t in music to please anyone.  I love his vision, his sound, his weirdness.  He is like an electronic Captain Beefheart.  He comes from Caen in Normandy, which really fits his music.  This is the greatest odd music out now.

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