Northwest Kicks Ass: Veio – “Ghost”



Infinite Light / Desperate Shadows

Veio is that unusual blend of prog rock, metal, and hard rock that is hard to actually pull off.  Veio pulls if off.  The band comes from that musical garden called Portland, OR, where music of all varieties grows wild. And Veio is one of the winners.  The band is comprised of Cameron Byrd (Vocals/Guitar), Brett Byrd (Drums), Trae Davis (Guitar), Kris Lewis (Bass).  This band kicks ass, and does so in all the right places.  I love the way “Ghost” builds and explodes and calms down again.  The beginning is almost Rush like with touches of Queensryche, all thrown together in an original package that blows me away.  Pay a listen, and if you live in the Northwest and West (lucky bastards), see them live.  Guys, come to Pittsburgh.

February 24 – Seattle, WA – The Rendezvous

March 17 – Portland, OR – Analog Theater

March 18 – Medford, OR – Johnny B’s

March 20 – San Francisco, CA – Brick and Mortar Music Hall

March 22 – Reno, NV – Jub Jub’s Thirst Parlor

March 23 – Provo, UT – Muse Music Hall

March 24 – Twin Falls, ID – Hometown Sports Bar

March 25 – Richland, WA -Emerald of Siam

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