Nostalgia: Have Mercy – “Mattress On The Floor”

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Have Mercy

“Mattress On The Floor”

The Love Life!

What an amazing song.  I love the sentiment in this song.  I remember those days.  I just really identify with the whole deepness of this song.  As Have Mercy’s bio states:

On the song, front man Brian Swindle shares,“Mattress On The Floor” was written the second I decided to start dealing with some of my thoughts and feelings that I was going through. I sat down at my parents house with an old acoustic that I had and kind of went over the last 5 years of my life.”

The whole sound of the song is one of sad nostalgia wrap in pessimism with Swindle’s voice almost sobbing yet sounding nonchalant at the same time.  This is a gorgeous song.  Read the lyrics below:

Had a dream I was back at 23

And you still had that small mattress on the floor

We’d get high, sit back and laugh at things we’ve done

Tell stories how we’ve both been hurt before

And how I never wanted to do you like they did

So take me back to the city again

Tell that you remember when

All we did is just lay in bed

Had a dream I was back at 25

And we had that small apartment broken down

I know we fought about how miserable it was

But I knew that I’d take care of you somehow

I didn’t see it coming

Now I never want to see you again

I don’t dream like I used to anymore

I still drink about that mattress on the floor

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