NYC Based Electronica: Stereo Off – “Automated”

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Stereo Off


The Long Hot Winter

Brooklyn-based electronic band Stereo Off is a great band.  This is a band for listening to while driving down the highway.  Stereo Off is a 5 piece band based in New York, enlisting an eclectic roster of musicians from the band scenes of London and NYC. With influences ranging from electronic bands and rock influences from classic rock to 90’s indie bands, Stereo Off is blowing the doors off of cars all over.  Their music is making a huge wave in NYC.  This is some of the best music I’ve heard for a while.  Stereo Off is a band on whose bandwagon I am on.  Stereo Off formed in late 2012, around what began as a solo project by lead singer Sebastian, and evolved into a five piece indie rock band. Based in Brooklyn NY, the lineup includes Niall on bass, Steve on Guitar, drummer Darren, and Bridget on keyboards and strings. This band works on so many levels.  Listen to them; play them; drive to the rhythm.

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