Of Montreal Release New Song “Fugitive Air” & Announce New Album

“Defining Of Montreal is impossible. There are too many perspectives to consider, angles to explore and layers to uncover. Just when you think you have a concept of what kind of creature they are they transform into something unexpected and new. As a result, each album holds the opportunity for re-discovery, re-immersion, re-appreciation.” <–well said. These guys are constantly reinventing themselves and bring about a new beast. Expect no less from “Fugitive Air” which features slide guitar styles & vocals reminiscent of the early 60s & 70s. What’s lacking (or not lacking rather) is the absence of electronic elements on this track. Let’s see what Of Montreal have to offer us on their upcoming album Lousy with SylvianBriar coming out October 8th, 2013.


Of Montreal
Lousy With Sylvianbriar
Oct 8, 2013

1. Fugitive Air
2. Obsidian Currents
3. Belle Glade Missionaries
4. Sirens Of Your Toxic Spirit
5. Colossus
6. Triumph Of Disintegration
7. Amphibian Days
8. She Ain’t Speakin’ Now
9. Hegira émigré
10. Raindrop In My Skull
11. Imbecile Rages

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