Out Of This World: Pas Musique – “A Finnish Bedtime Story”

Pas Musique

“A Finnish Bedtime Story”

The Phoenix

Another futuristic electronica band, but seriously, these guys sound like they’ve come from Andromeda Galaxy.  It is no wonder in their band picture they are all looking up.  They are waiting for the mother ship.  Pas Musique are a four piece consisting of Jon V Worthley, Michael Durek, Jesse Fairbairn and Robert Pepper, pursuing the musical elements of electronic, experimental music with krautrock undertones.  To me, they sound a little like Neu! in that they are from somewhere else, yet there is something familiar about their music that keeps the listener from going, WTF.  This is a great quartet.  I am so glad bands like Pas Musique are letting us into their private worlds.  Thank you guys so much for being so talented and willing to share.

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