Paideia: Charles Fauna – “Hypnosis”

Photo Cred: John Moran

Charles Fauna


Charles Fauna (fka Paideia) has released a new single that is as beautiful and thought provoking as it is hypnotic.  With the simple piano chords and bass in the background, the vocals just flow every the music.  Born Charles Mischer, Fauna was a jazz drummer before orbiting to New York City, where he became famous for his production work and his singles under the name Paideia.  Fauna says about “Hypnosis”:

(T)he new single “is about a change of mentality. It deals with the decision to gradually become more connected to the larger world, letting your guard down and becoming more open to all aspects of life both beautiful and terrible. It’s a song that embraces vulnerability, and is for anyone who is challenging their own point of view and not sure how to feel.”

Fauna claims one of his purposes in music is raise awareness of Paideia, which is the Greek term referring to the rearing and education of the ideal member of the polis or general population (according to Wikipedia).  In times like this, that is definitely an ideal we all need to rally around.  Thank you, Charles Fauna, for your and your wonderful ideals.

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