Party Music For The Holidays: Forrest – “Give You My Love”



“Give You My Love”

London-based Forrest has decided to buck the trend of putting out albums right away.  Instead, they have decided to release a series of singles this winter.  “Give You My Love” is the first of those singles.  And what a great choice.  Sing along chorus, driving beat, quiet introduction that breaks into heavy sound, this is perfect single material, a song to listen to while driving or hanging out your friend’s boring Christmas party.  Put this on, and the party won’t be boring for long.  Forrest is a 4 piece alternative rock band from London, formed by Ollie Forrest in March 2015.  During that time, they have definitely developed a sound of their own.  Give them a listen.  Play them around the wassail bowl.  Party with them.

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