Perfect Pop: Alma – “OH, K”



“OH, K”

The Travel Size EP

You grab some mid Joni Mitchell, throw in some Rickie Lee Jones, and add early Cheryl Crow, you have some sort of idea what Alma sounds like.  She is tremendous.  The little Spanish rhythm going on in this song makes you move your body, while her voice is so wonderful, souring into the ether powerful yet gentle.  This woman can sing.  And she can write.  As I’ve said about other artists, how come she’s not on the radio.  Her voice has the depth of Adele with the soulfulness and playfulness of Crow.  In a perfect world, Alma would be the next Adele.  She has all the chops.  And she has a sincerity that is hard to find.  According to Groundsounds;

Built upon minimalistic instrumentation and sampled percussion, “the track pops and bursts with energy and is sure to put you in a good mood.” (Groundsounds)

That is the whole purpose of pop music, wrapped in one voice: Alma.  Hitch your wagon to this rising star.

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