Personal Music: Christopher Jameson – “I Walked/Harlequin”

Christopher Jameson

“I Walked/Harlequin”

What a great single.  Christopher Jameson has a great voice and his songwriting ability is tremendous.  I love his guitar playing, his lyrics, and his honesty.  Amazing.  He sounds like Jose Gonzalez (a little), yet he still is very independent.  I love him so much.

Christopher Jameson is a well established musician and songwriter from Greater Manchester. He began his career playing in and writing for bands, and was a founder member of the acclaimed Manchester band “Stray Dog Cafe”, who recorded for UBiK Records, as well as being the drummer of “Zebu”, alongside Steve Jones of Moco and Russ Miller (now Johnny Marr’s chief engineer). As a multi-instrumentalist, he was also asked to play for other North West artists such as Fleck and The Midwich Cukoos.

His music is personal and heartfelt, as if he is singing directly to you.

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