Pop Rock Savior: Big Tide – “Wrong Number”

Owen Baker

Big Tide

“The Wrong Number”

Sync Or Swim

For those like me who miss the sound of Big Star or Teenage Fanclub, along comes Big Tide, and they are swamping the Pop Rock scene with great, sing-a-long music.  So often, pop becomes so silly like it was made for Nickelodeon or Disney, or it becomes K-Pop rip-offs.  Ben Thomas, the main contributor and the heart and soul of Big Tide, knows when pop rock was fun yet not fairy dust and no substance.  Big Tide hearkens back to the day when Pop Rock ruled:  hell, most of the Glam movement, i.e. The Sweet, were simply pop bands that rocked.  I love Pop Rock, and Ben Thomas has captured the best of that sound, rocked it up, and produced for the 21st century.  Kudos, my friend, kudos.

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