Portrugal’s True Punks, Les Batons Rouge

Les Baton Rouge

Canal Express


Welcome to Les Baton Rouge, the greatest punk band to come out of Portugal. The band, composed of Suspira Franklyn on guitar, James Jacket on bass, and Bruno Quintino on drums, have been making strong punk music for 15 years.  Franklyn and Jacket are sister and brother.  The interplay is unbelievable.  The song, Carburator, starts out with a stuttering drum beat with the guitar and bass joining in.  The vocal exchange between Franklyn and Jacket set the tone for the song. “Step outside.  Get into the car.”  This is one car you do want to step into.  Suddenly, Franklyn’s strong vocals take over and carries you away.  Franklyn has one of the strongest voices ever with comparisons with Souixie Souix.  Definitely worth the price of admission.  Les Baton Rouge has started a punk revival in Portugal. YEAH!!

9½ out of 10

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