Post Punk West Midlands: The Assist – “It’s Just A Dream Away”

The Assist

“It’s Just A Dream Away”

Coming from Walsall, The Assist is the West Midlands’ answer to The Alarm, with all the passion, spirit, and kick-assness of the former updated to 2010’s.  When I first heard their music, I was amazed at how hard they rocked.  This is such a great band.  Comprised of Mikey Stanton, Ryan Stanton, Jorge Poole, and Ben Faulkner, these guys could be the rock and roll saviors that we’re looking for.  The passion (I know, I used the term again) of this band is amazing.  This is what I expected U2 to sound like before they went who knows.  This is the rock that punk invented.  That’s guys.

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