Power Pop; The Way It’s Done: The Curious Incident – “Please Don’t Say”

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The Curious Incident

“Please Don’t Say”

Penny Lonesome

FINALLY.  I have loved The Curious Incident so much, and I have been waiting for their EP to finally drop.  Well, it is now here.  Drawing inspiration from pop and rock artists, like Crystal Fighters, RHCP, Vampire Weekend and UB40, The Curious Incident add a Caribbean flair to their sound.  The international band consists of Cavey Roberts (vocals & guitar), Diaz Meidiawan (drums), Mirko Piconese (guitar & backing vocals) and Dan Bowery (bass & backing vocals).  Based in London, the band toured this summer with The Zombies, which explains a lot.  I hear some of that 60’s rock in their style, though I say they sound more like Sugarcult, but Vampire Weekend is a good comparison.  This is not a copy band:  this is original crystal, Caribbean rock.  Thank you for finally dropping the EP.

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