Power Punk: Bloody Your Hands – “Bad Weather”

Bloody Your Hands

“Bad Weather”

Monsters Never Die

Pulling me close with your tender hands.
Pushing me back with your eyelid razors.
Holding me down with your funny kind of love.

When your song has a chorus like this, you know you have a winner in the writing department.  When you combine it with some of the best in pop/punk/alt sound out there, you have a winner.  Bloody Your Hands writes songs Eve 6 wish they had written, and that’s a superior complement because I love Eve 6.  Bloody Your Hands is Jameson Edwards (vocals, guitar), Henry Joseph (guitar, bass, vocals) and Mike Horaz (drums, vocals).  They have that poppy, punchy sound that remembers you of the Pixies (more light-hearted and less sarcastic).  Seriously, this is a fun, great band that still takes their music and their fans seriously.

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  2. Hey Phil, Henry from BYH here. Thanks so much for the kind words! Glad you like the song, we got more on the way!

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