Power Rock, Florida Style: Plastic Pinks – “My Frenzy State”

Photo Cred: Mimi Starr

Photo Cred: Mimi Starr

Plastic Pinks

“My Frenzy State”

El Animal

What a band.  If you like fuzz guitar and fast licks, Plastic Pinks is the band for you.  Plastic Pinks calls their sound “as ‘rad city sticky pop,’ and it suits the beach just as well as a rowdy dive bar.”  Based in Miami, Plastic Pinks is composed of June Summer (Vocals), Augie Pink (Rhythm Guitar/Vocals), Rod Woolf (Lead Guitar/Back Vocals), Dane Giordano (Bass/Back Vocals), and Trevor Mustoe (Drums/Back Vocals).  Summer and his half-brother, Pink, left Puerto Rico in 2010 and formed Plastic Pinks.  This band has an unbelievably heavy and party-ready sound.  This will keep you warm all winter.  Their EP drops November 6th.  Go pick it up.  

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