Powerful Beauty: Scarlet Sails – “Upside Down”

Scarlet Sails

“Upside Down”

A new single from Scarlet Sails; exactly what this world needs, and it’s a complete killer.  Russian born singer-songwriter, Olya Viglione and Dresden Dolls drummer, Brian Viglione (also known as a best looking couple in rock), have put out a record that is powerful, memorable, and featuring one of the best vocals so far this year.  Olya’s voice is amazing, and Brian is one of the best all-around musicians out there.  This song is tight, and the change of keys in the chorus is flawless and increases the power of the song, turning it into a complete juggernaut.  Brian’s drumming is tremendous; never overdone, but always there, pushing the song along.  With the presence of  guitarist Mark Kohut and bassist Kevin Jones, the sound has never been better.  According to their press, the band, “centered around Olya’s sultry, power-house vocals, Scarlet Sails craft an elaborate blend of rock & pop, with uniquely catchy melodies, passionate and reflective lyrics and an undeniable swagger…”   Comparisons to Nico and Bowie are really not out of line.  Check them out.  “The heart of rock n roll is still beating.” (Huey Lewis)

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