Prog Busking: You Bred Raptors? “Hyperbole”

You Bred Raptors?


International Genetics

I love a cello in a prog/jazz setting, and You Bred Raptors? have one of those great cellists that make the instrument sound as if it were played by Eddie Jobson or John Cale or especially Jean Luc Ponty.  This is a wonderfully weird band.  They are members of the Music Under New York program, a busking organization granted permission by the city of New York and the MTA to perform in the major subway systems that connect the 5 boroughs. Founded by Peat Rains in 2010, YBR? feature 8-string bass, cello, glockenspiel and drums.  Comprised of Peat Rains: 8 String Bass and Glockenspiel; Bryan Wilson: Cello; and KC Solaris: Drums and Glockenspiel, YBR? make a sound totally unlike anyone.  I love this band.  This is my new favorite.  I can picture them performing with Ponty, or with Ian Anderson.  Imagine that.  What a sound.  NO ONE SOUNDS LIKE YOU BRED RAPTORS?.

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