Progressive Uncertainty: Feyer – “I Just Don’t Know”



“I Just Don’t Know”

Signals Internalized

Feyer is an amazing artist.  He has produced a song that is amazing complex time signature wise while still able to sing along.  As Feyer describes his song;

In a society where everyone seems to be on top of things, at least on the surface, Feyer makes a daring move to come forward and sing what a lot of us are feeling; they simply don’t know and can’t tell what the future will hold. Everyone has levels of uncertainty lingering in their minds, but not too many are able to make it public.

I love this song, I love Feyer’s voice, I love his instrumentation, I love his message.  You know, using complex time signatures really back up his whole point of uncertainty.  There is something jarring when a song does not count out like you believe it should.  Other good examples are “Solsbury Hill”. “Living In The Past”, and “Close To The Edge”, all other great songs dealing with change (or lack of) and the uncertainty change brings on.  Feyer is a genius, musically and lyrically.  Thank you.

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