Progressive Underground: You Bred Raptors? – “Smithereens”

You Bred Raptors?


International Genetics

God, I love this band.  They are so wild, so original, so different, so GOOD.  You Bred Raptors? is Peter Rains (8-string electric bass and glockenspiel), Bryan Wilson (cello), and a drummer (drums and glockenspiel).  Rains and Wilson formed the band in 2010 and started playing in the subways of New York as part of Music Under New York (MUNY) program.  Their name comes from the famous line in the movie Jurassic Park, and they take their names from the movie characters.  Also, they always wear some sort of mask when playing, like the Residents or a real life Gorillaz.  Not that these guys sound like those bands, because NO BODY SOUNDS LIKE YBR?  This band is the greatest, most unusual band out there, taking influences from everything from medieval music to Frank Zappa and CAN.  Listen, guys.  You will love this band.

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