Progressively Fun: Ptarmigan – “O Zephyr”



“O Zephyr”


First off, this is the greatest name in rock n roll.  Second, name a song after the Greek God of the west wind, you got my attention.  Then, on top of that, you jam such beautiful and usually exclusive sounds (mandolins and electric guitars), you get unworldly beauty which doesn’t take itself too serious.  Atwood Magazine states:

This song is intense, thoughtful, and complex; it stimulates our senses, questions our ideas and beliefs, and takes on a journey through time and space… a promising single from a refreshingly unique band.

Ptarmigan is comprised of Members: Aaron Hoffman – Harmonies, Accordion, Mandolin, Brandon Munro – Drums Peter McMurtry – Vocals, Banjo, Acoustic Guitar, Sam Gleason – Electric Guitar, Sam Whillans – Upright Bass.  Based in Toronto and Guelph, Ptarmigan is a real progressive band in the best tradition.  I know that they piqued my interest.  It reminds me of what would happen is Yes and Mumford and Sons got a band together and lightened up.  You would get Ptarmigan (my favorite bird, up there with the Puffin).

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