Proxy ‘Music From The Eastblock Jungles Pt. I & II’ Review

An iron willed chance in 2006, via Myspace message to Turbo Recordings helped launch the crushing sound of PROXY into the atmosphere. Six years later the Russian producer delivers his debut album, Music From The Eastern Block Jungles Part I & II; a hard-electro driven two part seriesthat defies genres and ignites the sensory.

Among the 20 combined tracks, highlights include the intro to Part I as “Red Juke” sets a tone of fear and angst that lures you into the complex mind of PROXY. “Shut Up!” delivers a bass banging punch and challenges you to not strike back. “In Time” on Part II transcends from the darkness and “Audio 15” is a brutal drum ‘n’ bass explosion entwined with stabbing synths.

A project a few years in the making, Music From The Eastern Block Jungles Part I & II unleashes a shot of electro, experimental energy that sends the mind and body down an unknown path of madness. Whether you are ready or not, keep present and see where it takes you.

PROXY is currently on a 16 date European tour.

Hear Parts I & II on SoundCloud:

Part I

Part II

Jenny Rickey, Contributor




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