Psych Rock On The Rebound: Elephant Stone – “Manipulator”

elephant stone2

Elephant Stone


Ship Of Fools

The day approaches that we been waiting for: the official release of Elephant Stone of Sept 19.  What a great band.  The combination of rock music and Indian sitar music is such a great mix.   Formed in Montreal in 2009, Elephant Stone is the brainchild of vocalist, bassist, songwriter, and sitar player, Rishi Dhir. Also featuring Miles Dupire (drums/backing vox) and Gabriel Lambert (geetar/backing vox), Elephant Stone have toured extensively throughout North America and Europe and are prominent members of the burgeoning psych rock scene.  I myself am so happy to see psych rock coming back into style, and Elephant Stone are a perfect example of that.  Imagine The Dandy Warhols with a sitar or a harder Beatles in their Rubber Soul/Revolver era.  They are going on tour this fall, with a stop in Pittsburgh.  Let me tell you, I am going to be there, and I recommend you see this band if they come to your town.

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