Psychedelic Garage Rock: Bronco Simmons – “Away She Goes”

bronco simmons

Bronco Simmons

“Away She Goes”

Bronco Simmons is a psychedelic garage band from Dallas, Texas, who are just releasing their new single, “Away She Goes”, and it’s a killer.  There are these great riffs swirling around; great keyboards adding this other-worldly flavor; solid Chris Squire-like bass-lines; complex drums beats:  then, the vocals come on, talking about “the world is better when I sleep”, referencing Bowie and the Runaways.  What a great song.  The Electric Prunes would have been proud. Or for those of you not born in the sixties, The Mars Volta are a good example.  Bronco Simmons, comprised of Jorge Hinojosa- vocals, guitar, Dom Garcia – bass, Chris Hicks – drums, Cole Gerthoffer – keyboards, and Brendan Freeman – guitar, have on their hands a great “goodbye” song, with that great line “I don’t feel like feeling anymore”.  Hopefully, we will here more from Bronco Simmons soon.  This is a perfect reason I love music.  Thanks guys.

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