Punk From The German Underground: Buzz Rodeo – “Tripwire!”

Foto: Elin Doka

Buzz Rodeo



To prove the Germans can rock better than most, check out Buzz Rodeo.  What a band.  Their new album, Combine, was recorded in 2 days under the surface in Stuttgard, Germany.  With this quick recording, they got it right.  Buzz Rodeo is Ralph Ralph-angular trebel rocket guitar attack and vocals;  Daniela Schübel low-end-bass-attack; and  Helge Gumpert batterie.  Schübel’s bass playing reminds me of Gaye Advert from The Adverts, powerful and moving, Ralph Ralph has the singular glass-breaking sound from those riffs who just throws off, and Gumpert’s drumming is wonderful (dudes, this is the way the drums should sound.  Don’t treat like they are your mother.  Beat the shit out of them).  And Ralph’s voice has some James Black sound to them, in your face, punk, DIY, screw yourself attitude.  What a great band.  This is true punk.

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